About Project

Project name: Binary Systems of South and North (BSN-Project)

Selecting binary systems:

1) W UMa binary system type.

2) Range greater than 0.2 magnitudes (easier for inexperienced observers to record useful data)

3) Period less than 0.4 day (so full the light curve can be recorded in a few nights)

4) Brighter than V magnitude 13 at minimum.

5) Observing in more than 2 filters. Especially V and B bands.

6) Select systems whose light curves have not yet been studied or have been studied in the far years ago.

Project aims:

1) Times of Minimum to refine period (VSS already has a project on southern eclipsing binaries with this aim, results published annually).

2) Full light curves in one or more filters for light curve modelling.

3) O-C diagram to look for apsidal motion, period change, third bodies, etc. (this would require repeated observations over many years).

4) Understudied or newly discovered eclipsing binaries (surveys such as ASAS, ASAS-SN, SWASP, etc. have discovered many EB’s that should be observed to confirm the type, period, etc.).

5) Publishing one or more joint papers.